oven / stove repair in Nashville

Appliance Repair Nashville techs possess the tools and knowledge to fix all kinds of ovens, ranges, and stoves promptly!

A broken oven is no use to you. When you notice your stove or oven malfunctioning, contact Appliance Repair Nashville for all your oven/stove repair needs. When you schedule stove repair with us, we’ll get you back on track to making delicious meals. We offer same-day stove and oven repairs for residential purposes in Nashville, Tennessee.

We have certified technicians who are ready to make the repairs you need for your stove or oven. Our local technicians have the necessary tools and training to ensure your stove and oven is operating in tip-top shape. Our goal is to make sure your oven or stove is repaired in time for you to make a delicious dinner.



When your electric stove fails to turn on, instant panic may set in. Before you start to panic, make sure the appliance is plugged in and receiving power from the outlet. If you have a gas stove, make sure the pilot light works. If your stove is plugged in or the pilot light works, there is another part of your stove or oven that requires repairs. The cause of your stove or oven’s malfunction could be caused by an issue with the infinite switch, the surface element, the bake and broil element, or the burner igniter.


If your stove or burner won’t heat, you can’t cook. When you experience these issues, there is a malfunction with the bake element or the oven sensor. Your burners will not work properly if there is an issue with the element, burner switch, or terminal block. The professionals here at Appliance Repair Nashville can fix these issues quickly without delays.


When programming and timing issues occur, there is an issue with the control board. If this issue occurs, we can simply replace the control boards with a variety of stove and range models.


You want your oven to work, but when your stove gets too hot, you’re going to almost certainly burn and waste food. Your oven could overheat due to a broken sensor or thermostat. We have expert repairmen who can fix your appliance and have it working as good as new. We can determine the problem, fix it, and have you cooking in no time.


A malfunctioning igniter is a common repair we make here at Appliance Repair Nashville. Most of the time, the igniter will glow but fails to light. There could be a variety of issues that causes the igniter to fail, such as a broken safety valve, temperature sensor, electronic control, or surface igniter. Regardless of the cause, we will be there to fix it.


One common problem we see with self-cleaning ovens are issues with opening or closing the oven door all the way. This problem is often caused by an issue with the door latch. We will send one of our certified technicians to inspect your oven and identify and repair any issues they find.

In addition to oven/stove repair, we provide service to the following appliances also: Washer / Dryer Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Dishwasher Repair

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