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Stove Burner Not Working? Test Your Element

You can often figure that a glowing element is burned out by simply checking to see if the element has burned spots or cracks in the coil itself. But since you can’t always tell by looking it’s best to try a continuity test, a continuity test will figure out if a continuous electrical path is existing in the element.

If the element has continuity, it should be working properly. No continuity means the electrical path is wrecked and the element is burned out. Radiant elements come in numerous sizes, but all of them can be tested for continuity. In the same way, you can pick from a variety of multimeters to perform the test for this demonstration. We will use both analog and digital example when using an analog model.

First rotate. The range selection dial to the lowermost setting for ohms of resistance, then calibrate the meter by pinching, the probes together, while adjusting the needle to read zero when using a digital model. Again, rotate the dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance or resistance with tone.

If your meter has this option before you begin make sure the element, you’re testing has been detached or out-of-the-way from the appliance, be conscious that radiant elements have a limiter that notes the cooktop surface temperature to test the element itself for continuity. You should use the meter probes to touch the coil terminals only if the meter read out shows a result between zero and 120 ohms of resistance. The element has continuity.

If the meters gauge does not move or the digital display does not change meaningfully, then there is no continuity, which means the element is fried out and will need to be replaced. If your stovetop has a dual coil radiant element, you can use the multimeter to test the inner coil, the outer coil or together to determine if the element has continuity.

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